Principles of Collaboration

A global ethic for the life and work of the InterSpiritual Sustainability Council…

1. We will value the sacred diversity and unity of all that exists.
2. The principle of the golden rule – we will treat others as we wish to be treated – will be the unconditional norm for interpersonal and organizational conduct.
3. Interactions among participants will be non-violent, truthful, kind and respectful, and will express solidarity and justice (ie., fairness, openness and transparency).
4. In personal attitude, we accept that all forms of egoism must be relinquished. Self-determination and self-realization are legitimate insofar as they uphold self-responsibility for fellow humans and for the planet Earth.
5. As peace-makers, we will be committed to building trust and trustworthiness through constructive conduct and communication in the presence of differences and/or competing needs. Specifically, we will refrain from denigrating, stereotyping, maligning or invalidating others.

In the presence of diversity, we will be committed to a Path of Dialogue.

We will:

Prepare for respectful dialogue
Meet with the people themselves
Focus on essentials
Allow others to speak for themselves
Be aware of our own commitments, loyalties, and attachments
Honour differences as well as commonalities
Be aware of our own contribution to division and misunderstanding, and
Cultivate authentic mutual sharing.

In the presence of diversity, we will be committed to a Path of Common Action.

We will:

Deal with issues related to living together in human community.
Foster efforts at education and communication.
Share spiritual and cultural insights and approaches, and
Cultivate an atmosphere of mutual learning and openness.