Our Practices

The ISC honours the interspiritual value of respect for the sacred diversity and oneness of all existence. We practice this commitment through the shared interspiritual principle of “the golden rule”, which requires us to treat all others as we ourselves wish to be treated.

The ISC also believes that sharing diverse wisdom practices from religious, Indigenous and philosophical traditions spreads renewable inner resources for global peace, equity and abundance. It is our shared experience that foundational practices like contemplative and embodied prayer (eg. meditation and yoga) cultivate inner wisdom and stability. Over time, we grow into a fuller use of our human capacities. Regular presence-based practice stabilizes behavior changes, and connects heart and mind for positive interactions with others.

Supported by our spiritual legacy of unity in diversity and regular wisdom practice, we are ever more deeply of one heart. We grow together in capacity to deal creatively with fear and ego. And together we are more capable of addressing the challenges we face in our local communities. We’re better prepared to engage the world from an inner foundation of resilience, compassion, and generosity.