Past Events and Initiatives, 2006-2016

Oct. 2016 - InterSpiritual Meditation Retreat

Quaker Meeting Hall and Bridge and Enrich Lives Centre, Vancouver BC – With Dr. Ed Bastian, Spiritual Paths Foundation.

May & June 2015 - Sacred Spaces Tours

In association with Christ Church Cathedral, and tour guides Donna Wong-Juliani and Ellen Vaillencourt.

Dec. 2013 - Retreat for Sacred Activists: InterSpiritual Meditation and Mandala Process

Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island BC – With Dr. Ed Bastian, Spiritual Paths Foundation.

Oct. 2013 - Sacred Earth Forum: How Can Spirituality Empower the Environmental Movement?

Rabbi Michael Lerner and Chief Rueben George – With Facilitator Anjali Papadurai, and Responders Christine Boyle, Louise Mangan, Sukhvinder Vinning and Ben West. In association with Building Bridges Vancouver.

March 2013 - Compassionate Cities Luncheon

In association with the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network, the Dalai Lama Centre, and the SFU Dialogue Centre. Mayors and city councillors from Metro region share a working brunch with luminary Karen Armstrong, to launch the Vancouver Compassionate City Campaign.

April 2012 - Protecting Our Sacred Waters

Speakers, presenters and workshop leaders – Rex Weyler, Aline La Flamme and Daughters of the Drum, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Chief Rueben George, Jamie Biggar, Emma Pullman, Michelle Morningstar Doherty, and Karl Perrin.

March 2012 - Doing It InterSpiritually

In association with the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, a sharing of spiritual practices from a variety of traditions.

March 2012 - Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power

Inaugural Meeting for Women of Spirit and Faith Canada, with Kathe Schaaf, Co-founder of Women of Spirit and Faith (North America).

Nov. 2011 - InterSpiritual Sacred Dance Festival

“From ancient roots to modern expressions of the Divine, celebrate the diversity of Sacred Movement at the second annual InterSpiritual Sacred Dance Festival.” Held at Christ Church Cathedral, the festival featured a variety of performances from a diversity of faith traditions.

Oct. 2011 - Meditation for Social Change

The ISC and Christ Church Cathedral host an interspiritual meditation on Day One of Occupy Vancouver.

April 2011 - Living Compassion in Community

In association with the Dalai Lama Centre, the ISC co-sponsors and hosts the first public event of the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network — Speakers: Jannet Ann Nordemann, Rev. Ric Matthews and participants from the Downtown Eastside community.

Nov. 2009 & 2010 - InterSpiritual Sacred Dance Festival

St Paul’s Labyrinth, Rhodes Wellness College and the Roundhouse Community Centre: “From ancient roots to modern expressions of the Divine, celebrate the diversity of Sacred Movement at the second annual InterSpiritual Sacred Dance Festival.”

July 2007 - InterSpiritual Film Festival

In collaboration with Jennifer Jackiw, the ISC hosts a series of film events.

April 2007 - InterSpiritual Exposure Tour

At the request of the Spiritual Directors International Conference “Welcome Home to the Cosmos”, representatives of the ISC guide international delegates to various spiritual centres in Vancouver.

March 2007 - ISC Roundtable Discussion with British Muslim leaders

At the request of the British Consulate, local Muslim spiritual leaders and Muslim leaders from Britain explore how Muslims practice faith in multicultural societies in a period of crisis in Islamic culture.

Nov. 2006 - Body and Soul After Death?

In partnership with Science World, spiritual leaders and teachers from six different traditions discuss their tradition’s views of the human body and soul after death. A DVD record of the presentation is available, and is used in multifaith pastoral training by the Department of Spiritual Care of BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

July 2006 - Faith in the City

The ISC hosts an Interspiritual Centre exposure workshop for delegates of the General Council Meeting of the United Church of Canada.

June 2006 - UN Habitat World Urban Forum Roundtable: “Bridging the Gap: Spirituality and Sustainability in the Urban Context”

In association with the UN Habitat for Humanity meetings, thirty international experts on urban affairs speak to an audience of 200.

May 2006 - Star Gazing, Soul Searching: An InterSpiritual Experience

In partnership with the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, teachers from six different Vancouver faith communities speak of how the stars, planets and sky have inspired and informed faiths and spiritual traditions.

April 2006 - Blessing of the Salmon

An interspiritual blessing of newly restored salmon streams in the Vancouver area.

Feb. 2006 - InterSpiritual Chant Fest

A 12-hour event brings together 600 participants from Muslim, Sikh, Sufi, Jewish, Christian, First Nations, Baha’i, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Feb. 2006 - Sharing Sacred Spaces Dialogue

In association with the SFU Dialogue Program, an interspiritual dialogue among 100 practitioners, educators, urban and community planners, examining what it means to create shared sacred space.