Louise Mangan

Louise Mangan is passionate about grounding regenerative change in the wisdom of heart-mind practices that connect us with our inner teacher, with one another, and with the natural world. Centring Prayer is her regular personal practice. She received her BA from UBC, ministry foundations from Vancouver School of Theology, and MDIV from Toronto School of Theology. She trained as a Spiritual Director with Pacific Jubilee Associates.

As a young mother Louise co-founded the Maternal Health Society, and chaired the Interdisciplinary Midwifery Task Force that launched the legalization of midwifery care in BC. She served on the first Advisory Committee for BC Women’s Hospital, and later for two terms on the Ethics Committee of Women’s and Children’s Hospitals.

In her role as an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada, Louise worked with five congregations in Ontario and BC, and co-founded a contemplative justice ministry in Vancouver known as the Pacific InterChristian Community. She served on the Division of Mission in Canada executive, on national interfaith and worship advisory committees, and on the executive of BC Conference.

A regular contributor to denominational worship resources, Louise took part in developing a volume of international lectionary-based prayers and edited a publication on interfaith marriage. With two creative colleagues, she also co-authored “Living the Crist-Life: Re-Discovering the Seasons of the Christian Year”, published by Woodlake Books.

Louise was actively involved in the founding executive of the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society in 2004. She chaired the Building and Technical Committee, and served twice as Chair of the Board between 2005 and 2018. Louise represented the ISC in the collaborative development of the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network and its Compassionate Cities Campaign. And she co-founded Women of Spirit and Faith Canada (later known as Women and Wisdom Canada), assisting regularly with Women and Wisdom programming.

The ISC’s Salish Sea Bioregional Gathering in 2017 was planned and implemented by a team that Louise coordinated. This gathering deepened the commitment of all ISC Board members to the resilience of human communities and natural ecosystems, and to the unfolding of an equitable and ecological global civilization. Having dissolved the original ISC (the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society), Louise and other members of the original Board have worked together as a core Convener’s Circle to develop a “new” ISC, the Interspiritual Sustainability Council.

In addition to her role with the Interspiritual Sustainability Council, Louise serves as a Director of the Multifaith Action Society, and as a co-founder of several multi-regional Cooperation Circles of the United Religions Initiative. She offers spiritual guidance and support to individuals and couples of various spiritual backgrounds. And she divides her personal time between enjoying her grandchildren and adult children in Vancouver, and enjoying her home on Salt Spring Island with her partner, friends, family and goofy dog.