Kim Sander Wright

Born in Prince Rupert, the ocean has always been a passion for Kim. Following her first career as a field biologist, she completed her Master’s Degree in Environmental Conflict Analysis and Management and shared her skills in conflict analysis and management with many nonprofit organizations. Kim presently shares her skills and insights as a leader, consultant and facilitator, focussed on multi-stakeholder processes, consensus building, governance and representational issues, and collaborative models for sustainable development. She assists the David Suzuki Foundation to achieve their goals of protecting and restoring marine biodiversity and establishing the legal right for all Canadians to live in a healthy environment. And she works with the ICCA Consortium, an international consortium of indigenous peoples and local communities who are stewards of their lands and waters and wish to increase the recognition of their governance rights.

Kim is double-blessed by her Sikh/Christian family heritage, and has been a deeply committed practitioner of Yoga. For several years, Kim brought her many gifts and skills to the Board of the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society, serving as Recording Secretary and also as President.