Dr. Ed W. Bastian

Ed is the president of the Spiritual Paths Foundation and holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. His primary research languages are Tibetan and Sanskrit. He is an award-winning author of “Living Fully Dying Well,” and author of ”InterSpiritual Meditation” and “Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path.”

A former Fulbright Fellow in India, Ed has worked closely with over fifty Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, and Native American contemplative teachers, and was a participant in Fr. Thomas Keating’s groundbreaking Snowmass gatherings of contemplative leaders of many faiths. He was Smithsonian program director of the 1986 National Forum on BioDiversity that introduced that term to the world, producer of their first interactive multimedia program “Life Story,” and a teacher of Buddhism and world religions. He has been an Internet entrepreneur and environmentalist. He produced acclaimed documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS, and a film series on Tibetan Buddhism funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Dr. Ed Bastian has been a Global Trustee for the United Religions Initiative (URI) and one of the founders of the Environmental Network CC. He is a past president of the Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara and advisor to “Showers of Blessing” that provides showers to our homeless neighbors along with clothing and other services. Ed is a faculty member of Antioch University where he teaches Buddhism, Mindfulness and World Religions.