The Interspiritual Sustainability Council (ISC) supports the active engagement of local residents and communities in regenerating a compassionate, equitable and sustainable civilization.  The ISC contributes resources, tools and organizational support to initiatives that foster cultural alignment with planetary systems, and to initiatives that build social and/or ecological resilience, in British Columbia, related areas, and the world.

The activities of the Council are rooted in shared awareness of the interdependence of all life, in inclusive principles of respect and dignity for the whole Earth community, and in the strengths of enduring spiritual, philosophical, and ethical values undergirding moral reasoning and decision-making.  In all its endeavours the ISC respects multiple ways of learning and knowing, while centring our moral compass in the shared experience of our common humanity.  The ISC specifically honours the inherent authorities and rights of Indigenous communities with regard to their cultures, spirituality and traditional territories.

Our Purposes

We have remarkable opportunities as we face into the challenges that are threatening life and civilization… Read more

Our Partners

At the heart of interspiritual community is the “wisdom” experience of oneness with all that is… Read more

Our History

The InterSpiritual Sustainability Council has a long history of engaging the local community in meaningful change… Read more

The Salish Sea Bioregional Gathering

The Salish Sea Bioregional Gathering took place in Musqueam Territory in October 2017. Read more


Susan Brown

Prameya Chaitanya

Louise Mangan

Sue Mukerji

Rebecca Tobias

Valeria Vergani


Community Visionaries and Liaisons

Kamal Basra

Christine Boyle

Laura Duhan Kaplan

Steven Epperson

Aline La Flamme

Nancy Mortifee

Jennifer Rae Pierce

Sherry Small

Dave Waugh

Kim Sander Wright

Gene Fraser


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